Shamanic workshop 3: Healing ritual with the help of Nature

You can use this practice for yourself and your clients to receive support from nature in the face of a hardship, a bereavement, a... lire la suite

Shamanic workshop 2: The practice of the Hollow Man

Activate nature’s resources through the body to heal yourself. This shamanic practice nourishes the identity axis (central canal) that connects each of us to... lire la suite

Shamanic Workshop 1 : To invest one’s place at home, in life and on earth.

Fundamental shamanic practices to strengthen body and security This work enables you to make an alliance with the Living at home, to feel supported... lire la suite

ACT Shamanic healing session for professionals 

Let’s get to know the shamanic vision and experience it for yourself with this workshop Connect with Nature to strengthen your vitality and support... lire la suite

Shamanic practice : To be here

Connecting with the resources of the web of life This practice is a foundation of shamanic therapy, a support to therapists and access to... lire la suite